Finding Time

11 Ways to Find Time for Employee Development

If you are like most leaders, finding time to focus on the development of others is difficult.  Daily task, urgent fires, and unclear priorities often sidetrack us from doing the work that really matters.  This FREE resource will help you cut through the excuses and prioritize time so that you can bring out the best in those you serve. 

How Can I Help You?

Uncommon Leadership Training

Too many leaders are average.  Average leaders focus on tasks and the bottom line.  While these are important, what makes a leader uncommon is their ability to connect with people.  I can provide customized, people-centric training for your leadership team.

Not A Boring Speaker

If you are looking for a highly engaging, dynamic speaker who will not only keep your audience alert but who will also give them practical tools they can use today, I just might be what you're looking for. Feel free to check out my speaking page and complete the "Book Jason" form for more info.

Uncommon Leadership Series

If you really want to dive into becoming an uncommon leader, purchase this series of books.  Each book is centered around one component of influence: Care, Connection, Collaboration, and Courage.  Each book is easy to read and full of practical tools. 

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